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InTech Aerospace
4750 World Houston Pkwy
Suite 100
Houston, TX 77032
(281) 810-4400
FAA # 17ER029Y

From nose to tail, crew seats to cargo nets...we are your interior experts
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InTech Aerospace - About Us
InTech Aerospace…your Quality MRO Solution for Interior Refurbishment!

With over 100 years of combined experience, our industry leading professional staff is dedicated to meeting your needs. At InTech Aerospace we pride ourselves on being a single source superior Interior MRO provider, with the Care, Quality, Customer service, cost and on time delivery you need.

We are at your service!

InTech Aerospace offers repairs on coffee makers, lav and lavatory components including; toilets, sinks, walls and doors; composite panels, interior panels, DADO panels, floorboards overhead panels; galleys, bulkheads, windscreens, crew seats, passenger seats, seat covers, plastics, food trays, arm rests, magazine racks and carpets.

From large commercial aircraft to custom one of a kind seat covers, InTech Aerospace’s expert soft goods department can provide any covers you may need, manufactured from the best fabrics, sheepskin and the finest leather for any interior component.

To extend the life of your existing seat covers and soft good materials, we also offer specialized cleaning, dyeing and repair services that can return to service your existing inventory, replacing only those items that do not meet the standards your aircraft interior demands.

Our exclusive ‘Concierge Service’ offers door to door scheduled pick-up and delivery services to meet your exacting timelines.

Need an Owner Produced Part? InTech Aerospace offers complete Engineering services with drawing and material analysis capability. Our customers already utilize InTech Aerospace for O.P.P. support outside of typical interior parts as well.