InTech Aerospace Co-sponsors AMC Event in MRO America

InTech Aerospace this year proudly co-sponsored The Aerospace Maintenance Competition at MRO Americas. For 22 years, the commercial air transport maintenance, repair and overhaul community has recognized MRO Americas as the industry’s premier event. The three day conference and exhibition provide top thought leadership and the ultimate networking venue. MRO Americas help highlight the knowledge, skill and integrity that is the foundation of today’s and tomorrow’s AMTs and AMEs.

Aerospace Maintenance Competition is a venue for teams of certificated Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Engineers and Students enrolled in either FAA, EASA, CASA or equivalently authorized schools as well as personnel of any country’s Armed Forces that are involved in the aircraft and spacecraft maintenance field. This competition is an exciting opportunity for today’s and tomorrow’s skilled Aviation Maintenance Professionals to test their combined abilities against those of their peers. By providing a stage that showcases these principles of the AMT and AME craft and profession, the AMC helps raise awareness of the training and skill needed for providing safe, airworthy aircraft worldwide.

Networking is the heart and soul of MRO Americas. It’s a great meeting place for:

  • Airlines
  • OEMs
  • MRO Service Providers
  • Leasing Companies
  • Aviation Authorities and Regulators
  • All suppliers to the MRO industry – IT, logistics, technology, interiors, airframe, engine, components, personnel, parts, services, consultants, repairs, training, equipment.
  • And all managers, directors and other personnel focused on: business development, contracts, customer service, engineering, inventory, IT/software, logistics, maintenance, materials, purchasing, supply chain, logistics